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Women In Leadership Leading Other Women 

Do you want to increase the influence and impact you have in your career, community, and family?  Do you ever feel as though you are discounted, disrespected, or overlooked?  Are you looking for a community of strong women struggling with the same challenges you are? 

If so, WILLOW is for you. 

Too often women are spread too thin and forget to invest in themselves.  Instead, women need to come together and unleash their full potential as leaders by carving out time and commiting to their personal and professional growth. 

The results of deliberately developing your skills will be manifest in: 

​     - Higher self-esteem and increased confidence to lead.

     - A better work/life balance.

     - Building stronger relationships.

     - Communicating more effectively.

     - Mobilizing others to take action.

     - Courage to take calculated risks.

Free from fads, fluff, and feel-good teaching, the WILLOW program is based on proven transformational leadership principles (the 7 Cs of Leadership) and is the only program for women in the Pittsburgh area that features a built-in mentoring component. 


If you are interested in participating in a future cohort, please contact us today to find out more information.  You can also download the full WILLOW brochure, a sample schedule, and the WILLOW​ application.

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