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Our Corporate Offerings

In today's global economy, organizations need to be more efficient, flexible, and responsive than ever before.  This requires organizations to cultivate an engaged workforce aligned around a common purpose, sales people who focus on relationships and process, and leaders at all levels of the organization.  Ultimately, it requires organizations to be great.  For years, we have been coming alongside organizations and helping them tap into their greatness by offering the following services:

Why should we strive for great organizations?  In the words of Jim Collins (author, Good to Great), "It is no harder to build something great than to build something good.  It might be statistically more rare to reach greatness, but it does not require more suffering than perpetuating mediocrity.  The beauty and power is that greatness can radically simplify our lives while increasing our effectiveness."

We partner with organizations to: establish shared mission, vision, and values, create an empowering culture with highly engaged employees, and develop strategic initiatives for growth. 


As social and financial pressures cause organizations to experience major change, advancing the organization's mission will require eveloping leaders
at all levels.  

Our customized tools, training, and hands-on experiences will broaden all personnel's understanding of leadership and provide them with applicable techniques relevant to leading in today's challenging workforce. 

With separate tracks for Emerging, Existing, and Executive leaders, the I-Lead program can benefit your organization at any level.

Our sales training does not offer you any gimmicks or tricks.  Instead, our Growing Sales & Service to Greatness offering is designed around a unique sales approach based on research and emotional intellignece. 

Through our offering we provide sales training for everyone from novices to veterans.  And while training is customized at each level,  everyone experiences the same principles threaded throughout the sessions.  This allows us to create a sales culture of alignment and results. 

Learn more about our approach to sales and service today.   

Did you know that studies have consistently shown that organizations  with more women in senior level leadership positions out perform their rivals?  One study concluded that "companies with a higher proportion of women in senior management are on average 48% more profitable..."  It's official, diversified managment is better management.

That's why we are offering WILLOW, a transformational experience that brings together women from all levels of leadership to develop and refine their leadership skills.

Is there an area where you could benefit from some highly personalized and focused development?  If so, executive coaching could be the answer for you.

Our dynamic team is comprised of seasoned professionals with experience in diverse areas of business, non-profits, and education.  So whether you want to improve your selling approach or develop your leadership ability our coaches can help.

Please click here for more information. 

Great leaders are great communicators.  They understand that, "The art of communication is the language of leadership."

For that reason, we offer presentation and speaker training to help you grow in your confidence as a leader.  Whether it's casting a vision, giving a sales presenation, or updating the Board on the company's progress, we can help you find your voice. 


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