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Our Model: The Inta-Greated Leadership Model

We define leadership as "influencing a group of people toward a common purpose."  
In order to help leaders be effective at influencing others in the pursuit of that purpose, we equip leaders around the Inta-Greated Leadership Model consisting of the "7 Cs of Leadership."  We believe that embodying the "7 Cs" is what allows leaders to have an impact at the personal, team, and organizational levels - ultimately resulting in real transformation and sustainable results.
The Seven Cs:


  • Composition requires that the leader understand the unique personalities, strengths, and motivators of themselves and others.

  • Character refers to the integrity of the leader.  It means others view them as credible and possessing moral authority.

  • Catalyst refers to the leader's ability to inspire aligned action toward a compelling vision.

  • Compassion refers to coaching and mentoring others to grow to their greatness.  A leader must be motivated by love and compassion to serve and empower his or her people. 

  • Communication involves persuading, presenting, listening, vision casting, and negotiating.

  • Courage involves seizing opportunities despite the inherent risk and uncertainties.

  • Celebration involves showing gratitude and celebrating success in the pursuit of the vision.

Please visit our blog to learn even more about the Inta-Greated Leadership Model and the 7 Cs of Leadership.  
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