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About Us

Here at Inta-Great, we provide leadership development and sales training opportunities for individuals and organizations.

Our Mission: 
        Growing leaders and organizations to their Greatness.

Our Vision: 
        To be catalysts in creating new thinking and transforming the frontier of leadership for the next

Our Values: GIVE
        Growth:  We believe life is a morphing process.  We will continuously seek feedback and ways to
              become better individually and as an organization.
        I​ntegration:  As a team, we think wholistically.  It's not just about the welfare of the individual, but 
              the whole.  It's about the greater good and having the courage to do the right things.
        Valuing Others:  We celebrate the uniqeness of every individual.  We believe we can learn
              something and become better by embracing every person we encounter.  We strive to
              create third alternatives instead of "getting our way."
        Extraordinary:  We will challenge ourselves to go above and beyond to deliver high value
              services and products.  We delight in being out of the box and out of this world!
Learn more about: our team, our philosophy, our certifications, or our GIVE-ing today.
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