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Women In Leadership Leading Other Women 

Warren Buffet has recently noted that harnessing the talent of women is the key for building strong economies, "What a waste of human talent... I see how far we've come using only 50% of the talent in this country, and now we're getting closer to the point of using 100%.  It makes me optimistic, but we still have a way to go."

That is why we are offering, WILLOW as a way for organizations to invest in the professional development of their female leaders.

The results of deliberately developing women's leadership skills will be manifest in: 

​     - A better and more balanced decision making process.

     - Stronger relationships and collaboration.

     - More effective and efficient communication.

     - Mobilizing others to take action.

     - Courage to take calculated risks.

Free from fads, fluff, and feel-good teaching, the WILLOW program is based on proven transformational leadership principles (the 7 Cs of Leadership) and is the only program for women in the Pittsburgh area that features a built-in mentoring component. 

If you are interested in learning more about how WILLOW can serve your oranization, please contact us today.

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