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Our Philosophy

Personal and organizational transformation is a process NOT an event.  Real change takes time and commitment.  It is not easy, but we promise to support you and provide you with all the tools you will need as you grow yourself and your organization to greatness.  Our approach includes three unique steps.
Preparing the Soil:


     - Assessment:  We believe you need to do pre and post
       assessments of individuals, teams, and organizations to
       measure effectiveness.

     - Customized Learning:  We do not use a "cookie cutter" 
       approach to training and development.  Instead, we 
       co-create and tailor our approach based on the needs of
       each client.

Watering the Soil:


     -  "Inta-Greated" Learning:  Based on the client's
        feedback, we provide creative tools and training that
        incorporate an inside-out approach to leadership.

     -  Multi-Level Learning:  We provide training and
        development for everyone from novices to veterans and
        emerging to established leaders. 

Fertilizing the Soil:

     -  Coaching:  Development does not happen in a vacuum.  

        We provide on-going coaching sessions to enhance
        sustainable results.

     -  Cohorts:  We establish growth communities that provide 
        peer encouragement and accountability.

     -  Continuous Reinforcement:  We provide weekly
        reminders of leadership learnings.

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