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Our Public Offerings

Everyone wants to be great.  As we know ourselves and serve others, greatness will be our harvest.  Whether you are an emerging, existing, or executive leader, we have the solutions to take your leadership to the next level.  Between our public cohorts and private coaching opportunities, we are sure to offer a solution that is right for you.  Discover your choices below and begin your journey toward greatness.

I-Lead is not an event - it's a process and commitment that spans over several months.  This allows for the reinforcement of good habits and in-depth learning which results in real personal transformation.

By focusing on the 7 Cs of Leadership, I-Lead will take your leadership skills to new heights.  Whatever your current level of leadership, this interactive experience will impact how you lead personally, at the team level, and organizationally.

Click here for more information including the I-Lead brochure, application, and testimonials. 

Did you know that women make up only 20% of all senior-level managers in the United States?  This is less than the global average of 24% (Forbes Insights, 2013).     

That's why we are offering WILLOW, a transformational cohort experience that brings together women from all levels of leadership to develop and refine their leadership skills.  In addition, our process is infused with teaching and coaching that  addresses the nuances of being a woman in leadership.


Click here for more information including the WILLOW brochure, application, and testimonials.

Is there an area where you could benefit from some highly personalized and focused development?  If so, professional coaching could be the answer for you.

Our dynamic team is comprised of seasoned professionals with experience in diverse areas of business, non-profits, and education.  So whether you want to improve your selling approach, enhance your presentation skills, or develop your leadership ability, our coaches can help.

Please click here for more information. 

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